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Acoustic Removal Services

Acoustic Removed is located in Ventura, California but offers full service to Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties as well. Our acoustic removal service includes:

  • Covering your flooring (wood floors, carpeting and tile)
  • Covering any fixtures that could otherwise become damaged
  • Covering your walls to safegaurd woodwork, paint and wallpaper
  • Other preparation to reduce the chance of excessive dust throughout the house
  • If you only need to have the acoustic texture removed from your ceiling (popcorn ceiling), we stop here – but we also provide the following service as well if needed:

  • Repairing any imperfections or holes left from prior work or fixtures
  • Drywall repair
  • Painting and/or texturing

We ensure a prompt, professional turn around on all of our jobs at the most competitve prices. Our professionals are clean and courteous. Contact us today for your free quote!